An Experienced Texas Attorney And Certified Family Law Mediator

Attorney Amber M. Rodriguez knows how hard it can be when you are contending with divorce, spousal maintenance, child parenting time schedules, name changes, adoption and other family-related legal issues. Ms. Rodriguez provides thorough legal advice and straightforward representation so you can arrive at your new chapter in life sooner.

Straightforward Counsel, Mediation And Trusted Legal Representation For Resolving Texas Family Law Problems

Your Attorney Will Walk You Through Every Step Of The Process

Attorney Amber Rodriguez does not skip any steps when she walks you through the process of finding a solution for your legal problem. Whether you reach out to her for help with your complicated divorce, marital property division, valuations, seeking veiled assets, common law marriage contest, name change, adoption, child support, parenting time schedule, grandparents’ rights, mediation, court order modification or enforcement, you can trust her experience for knowledgeable guidance and efficient legal strategies.

A full-service law firm helping you find solutions to your family law problems.

Certified Family Law Mediator

Texas courts frequently order mediation prior to allowing family law disputes before a judge. Mediation is not for everyone, but it may be just right for resolving your contentious matters privately at your own pace. If you and the other party can come to your own terms for a settlement agreement or parenting time schedule, the judge will incorporate it into your divorce decree or possession order.

Attorney Amber Rodriguez is a Texas certified family law mediator with many accolades for her commitment to serving the interests of her clients.